What’s wrong with naturism?

While I see value in the naturist perspective, I also see some concerns that prevent me from fully embracing social naturism. One of my goals with this website is to dialogue about these issues. Some of my criticisms are not with naturism in and of itself, but rather with the way it is presented within the Christian naturist community. Without further ado, here are my concerns:

  1. Naturism is presented as the only viable antidote for pornography. We are told that if we embrace social nudism, our children will be inoculated against sexualizing the naked human body. I will deal with this idea in detail in a later post, but will make a few points briefly here. First, victory over sin is achieved through the power of Jesus Christ. Second, there are many people who have gained victory over a pornography addiction without becoming naturists. Third, we need to be careful about universalizing the experiences of some. While naturism may have helped some win the battle against pornography, it may not help others. The only self-proclaimed naturist I have ever known in the flesh is completely addicted to pornography (albeit he is not a Christian). Four, we need to be careful with the idea that there is any kind of panacea that will completely inoculate us against a particular sin.
  2. Naturism is presented as THE Biblical position. Again, we will deal with this issue in detail later, but the most that naturists can fairly claim is that the Bible is neutral on the subject.
  3. Naturism can become a selfish and self-centered pursuit that can take us away from Christ and from those closest to us. (Of course, we humans can make idols of just about anything, so this is not an issue unique to naturism.) I will elaborate later on, but we must always be careful whether something is drawing us into closer relationship with God and those around us or farther away.
  4. Naturism can create unrealistic expectations in a marriage. For some of us, the idea that we could freely walk around naked seems like a dream come true. But what if our spouse does not share our view? Many naturists openly admit this is their reality. This dichotomy can create a whole host of problems, such as becoming resentful, ungrateful, unloving, demanding, deceitful, and discontent with or toward one’s spouse. Some of these problems have been documented by the naturist community itself. See, e.g., https://achingforeden.wordpress.com/2020/07/14/in-the-beginning/ and https://achingforeden.wordpress.com/2020/12/05/going-it-alone-greg-cook-interview/ From a non-naturist perspective, see https://themarriagebed.com/christian-nudism/
  5. Because our culture (especially the Christian culture) and laws view naturism as aberrant behavior, there are inherent risks in embracing it. I recognize that this is not necessarily a problem inherent to naturism itself, but it is nonetheless a factor to be considered. Among the potential negative consequences of this reality is a need for secrecy, which brings its own set of concerns and risks. For articles regarding the costs associated with embracing naturism (especially in a Christian context), see http://nakedandunashamed.org/__static/b41485b9c3f6aa04f210fd429f33a9f9/2-22-21-why-we-promote-naturism.pdf?dl=1 and http://nakedandunashamed.org/__static/fd3145aa0735d2f815ff558aaa6a9a23/3-1-21-why-we-promote-ii-naturist-vs-satan.pdf?dl=1 According to the following article, this reality can tend to drive Christian naturists away from other Christians: https://themarriagebed.com/christian-nudism/ I do recognize, however, that some Christian naturists report that naturism has helped them forge a tighter bond with their Christian brothers and sisters. See, e.g., https://achingforeden.wordpress.com/2020/08/15/florida-thoughts-from-the-mrs/

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